Zokak al-Blat, Paths & Great figures

its major role in modern cultural and political history of Lebanon

Explore ZOKAK AL BLAT, April 2010


Meet us in great numbers at the following dates and events:

Sunday 11th April 19h00, « Notre Dame de l’Annonciation Church » : Concert from the members of the Invisible Monastery  Community.

Wednesday 14th of April, at 19h30, « Patriarcat Grec-catholique » : Conference « Music in Lebanon during the Nahda », given by Dr. Nidaa Abou Mrad, Director of the Music Institute of the Antonine University.

Saturday and Sunday 17-18 April : Free guided visits of Zokak al Blat.

Saturday 17th : at 15h and 17h

Sunday 18th : at 10h and 15h

Starting Point : « Patriarcat Grec-Catholique ». There will be a brief presentation of the project introducing the tours with a guide speaking arabic, french and english.

Ending Point : « Lycee Hariri 2 ». A short documentary on Zokak al Blat and the initiators of the Nahda will be presented in the school previously known as the British Syrian School for girls.

A historic pamphlet will be given for free including a map of Zokak al Blat.

Reservations are highly recommended

Monday 19th April, 20h00 : Photo display of « Zokak al Blat today » by the photographer Michel el Esta, followed by « Migration Alley, Zokak el-Blat : Fragments of memory from a Beiruti neighborhood » by Karim Hakim produced by UMAM.

For more information and for tour reservations please  email info@beirut-nahda.org or call 03 24 24 67


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  Omar Habib wrote @

I can’t wait for the 17th and 18th of April as i missed the October tours of Zokak al Blat. Thanks guys for this amazing effort !

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